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        Three Times Beating the Monster



        開頭出場,視頻《英文版 敢問路在何方》(我們利用的是視頻里的音樂),四師徒出場(等到四人全部出來后暫停視頻)。 【本劇燈光都是全亮的】

        唐僧: Wukong,where are we now?


        悟空:Ba Jie,map.





        唐僧:Oh,Ba Jie,how many times I have told you don’t take these pictures of beautiful girls with you.


        八戒:Oh,master,forgive me.


        唐僧:No,I think I will take this until we get to the west,Ba Jie,map.


        八戒:Oh,master,I am so hungry now,and I can not move anymore.


        悟空:Fat pig.


        八戒:Monkey,if you say these two words once more,I will,I will……


        悟空:You will ,you will what?


        八戒: I will help you catch louses(虱子).


        唐僧: Wukong,I am hungry too,would you bring us some food?


        八戒:You see ,our master is hungry too.


        唐僧:Bajie,don’t forget who ate my last meal.


        沙僧:But master,if the monster comes while monkey brother is away,what can we do?(但是師父,如果有妖精來了,而大師兄又不在的話,該怎么辦啊!)

        唐僧:Yes,that is a big problem,Wukong.


        悟空:No problem!



        八戒:This is……


        悟空:Electric net,I made it,so no monster can touch you if you stay in it.


        唐僧:Oh Wukong,you are becoming moreand more knowledgeable .Knowledge is power!!!(八戒:is food 沙僧:is girl)


        悟空:OK , I am going to find some food, bye!


        唐僧:OK, it is the show time.

        (好的,現在是我們展示自己的時間啦。 放音樂《窮開心》,三師徒開始跳舞。


        唐僧:I am a little tired , let’s play cards.

        (我有點累了,我們打牌吧。) 放《斗地主》,師徒三人開始打牌。


        白骨精:Electric net ?It is easy, hahaha。!



        村姑:Can I join you?


        唐僧:Oh,lady,we are playing cards now,and three people are enough.






        村姑:Double King.


        唐僧:Double King,oh,I win,lady you are so clever,come in and teach me. (一對K,哦,我贏啦!女士,你太強啦,來,進來教我吧。


        悟空:You are the monster,I will kill you.


        唐僧:Oh,Wukong,what are you doing,she is my teacher.


        八戒(對悟空):She is my teacher!


        悟空:She is a monster!(她是個妖精。)

        八戒(對唐僧):she is a monster!



        唐僧:Don’t say this.(這時放《only you》,當做緊箍咒)Only you……



        白骨精:Wahahaha,Sun Wukong,I will teach you a lesson.



        老婦:Daughter. Daughter. Where is my daughter? Hello, have you seen my daughter? (女兒啊,女兒啊,女兒你在哪里?【對唐僧】你好,請問你看到我女兒了嗎?)

        唐僧:Your daughter……故意作出擋住村姑尸體的樣子



        悟空:You are the monster, I will beat you.



        沙僧:Master ,are you OK? How many?


        唐僧:Two, game over Sun Wukong.



        老頭:Oh,my wife my daughter,who did it?



        悟空:You are going to die, monster.


        唐僧:Oh Wukong,you have killed three lives.


        悟空:They are not human beings,they are monsters.


        唐僧:Monster?I think you are the real monster, you go !you go!It is the wrong way. (妖精?我看你才是真的妖精吧,你走,哪來的回哪兒去吧!【見悟空往錯的方向走了,唐僧指出】走


        八戒:Oh master monkey brother is away.


        唐僧:Don’t say that guy.



        白骨精:Hahahahaha,how foolish you are,I will eat you,Mr Tang.



        悟空:Don’t touch my master.


        沙僧:Oh,our hero is back!


        八戒:Monkey brother……



        唐僧:What……what happened ?


        悟空:Master,you were cheated,the monster has changed into three different shapes. (師父,你被她騙啦,她只是變成了三個不同的變身而已。)

        唐僧:But how did you find it?


        悟空:Monkey’s feeling.



        Three times beat monsters三打白骨精

        第一幕 農夫家



        主持人:Welcome to CCTV news , there are four monks from oriental Tang Dynasty to the west to get some books , let me tell you who they are.


        主持人:the man who rides a white horse may not be a prince ,he may be 唐僧. 唐 僧: hello ,I am唐 僧, have you seen a handsome monk(和尚) like me?Many people think I always talk too much,actually ,they are wrong. Let me tell you a secret, I haven’t ate meat for 3 months.

        主持人:Not all monkeys are thin ,some monkeys may be fat.

        悟空:Hi, this is monkey, my favorite thing is to beat monsters. Hey, monster ,where to go.

        主持人:zhu bajie may not a ugly man ,he also can be very ugly (或者a beautiful girl).

        八 戒:Hello , beauties ,I am bajie ,I love all of beauties and I always feel hungry.主持人:Not all people who carry luggages (擔子) are farmers, he may be shaseng.

        沙僧:Every audience(觀眾), I am shaseng, I am honest. I always speak little and do much, so, to choose a husband, I am your best choice.


        老太婆: Hey , what’s going on , honey you should check if there is something wrong with the TV

        老頭:nothing serious , it just ran out of signal.

        村姑(女兒):Dady and mommy, I really like tangseng, he is very handsome , I am a big fan of him .

        老頭:forget it , tangseng always talks too much, I can’t stand him, I prefer wukong . 老太婆:Oh no, wukong is too thin , I think shasheng is better, he is honest. 村姑:that’s it ,what about bajie?He is cute.

        老太婆、老頭:No way!

        老太婆:he is too lazy .

        老頭:Too ugly 。

        老太婆:Eats too much.

        白骨精:Oh, honey,I am the most beautiful ,the most attractive and the most smart woman . My name is 白骨精, you can call me jingjing(精精).I know you are interested in the four monks(和尚). Now I will take you to see them, hahaha… 白骨精施法拴住了一家三口


        唐僧:阿彌陀佛,do you know where we are now?

        悟空: Bajie,map!

        八戒: (摸出,遞給悟空)


        悟空: Look, boss (湊近唐僧)………(唐僧、悟空一齊轉向八戒)

        唐僧: Bajie ! How Many times I have told you, don’t bring these pictures of beautiful girls with you.

        八戒: Oh, boss ! Forgive me.(伸手拿回)

        唐僧: (縮手)I’ll keep it for you until we reach the west .

        八戒: But……

        唐僧: Emitofo , nothing is lust , lust is nothing ! Map?

        八戒: (遞)Here.

        沙僧:Em…… we have arrived in White Tiger Mountain!

        八戒:Oh I can’t walk on any more!(坐) I am hungry now.

        悟空: Fat Pig!

        八戒: Monkey, if you dare to say these two words once again, I will ,

        I will……….

        悟空: You will what(兇相)?

        八戒: I will help you catch fleas(跳蚤).

        悟空: Oh, my ladygaga.

        唐僧:(輕咳)Wukong, in fact ,I am a bit hungry could you go to get some food to me ?

        八戒: You see ,boss is hungry, too !

        唐僧: Baijie ! Don’t forget who ate my last meal!

        沙僧: But boss , if a monster comes while brother monkey is away…..

        唐僧: Em…….It is a problem . Wukong , do you have any idea?

        悟空: No problem!(安裝)(白骨精已躲在一旁偷看)

        沙僧: What is this ?

        悟空: Electric net !I have learnt the energy of electricity from master’s

        books. So I made this. No monster can approach you if you stay in it!

        唐僧: Em……Wukong, you are becoming more and more scientific!

        阿彌陀佛, knowledge is power!

        悟空: Don’t open the Electric net ,I will back soon , Bye!(走)

        唐僧: Let’s play cards!(三人開始打牌)音樂《斗地主》

        白骨精: Hm,!Hm ! Electric net , you are too childish . We will see! hahaha .(變成村姑)

        村姑: (接近三人,望著)Can I join you? (八戒盯著村姑看)

        八戒:Yes, of course, my lady. Come in please.(欲打開電網)

        沙僧:Stop it. It is against monkey’s will. By the way, she is not your type. 八戒: Why?

        沙僧:(看一眼村姑)She is way too beautiful for you.

        唐僧: Shut up, you two. I’m sorry ,

        We are playing Fighting Against Landlord and three people are enough.

        村姑: (在一旁觀看)Oh, chance, Bomb( 炸)!

        唐僧: Bomb . (打出)

        村姑: Double King!

        唐僧: Oh….I win ,lady , you are a master-hand , come in and teach me !(準備開電網門)

        悟空: (回來,看見村姑)Oh,monster!(上前就打)

        村姑: (躲在八戒后面)Help,help.

        八戒: Don’t worry , I will protect you .


        唐僧: (氣憤)Wukong! Look what you have done! She is my teacher!

        悟空: Boss, you are stupid , She is a monster!

        唐僧: You mean I am stupid? Ok I will sing a song for you ! Only you…(音樂only you)

        悟空: Oh, please don’t……I am stupid .

        唐僧: 嗦噶,I will let you know , your boss is always right.

        白骨精: (真身出現)Sunwukong, you are a foolish monkey, I’ll teach you a lesson!(變成太婆)

        老太婆: Hello , have you seen my daughter?

        唐僧: Daughter? Boy or girl?(連忙擋住地尸體)No ,sorry I haven’t see your daughter .(陪笑,老太婆想看后面是什么,唐僧擋)

        悟空: (咬牙切齒)You monster, I’ll beat you into hell!( 悟空追打老太婆, 老太婆躲至唐僧身后,悟空打,不想打到唐僧頭,唐僧暈,悟空再打死老太婆) 沙僧:Oh , my god , monkey you have beat our boss , how dare you !

        八戒&沙僧: Are you Ok , boss?(扶唐僧)

        沙僧: Look ,(伸2指) how many?

        唐僧: Five…..(暈乎乎地)

        八戒:Oh, boss , you are fine , thanks god .啊門。


        唐僧:Yeah , I am fine ! stupid monkey , once again , I’ll send you to west . (更凄慘的only you)

        悟空:I can’t stand it ,please help me , I will die.

        沙僧: Monkey knows he was wrong , please stop.

        白骨精:sunwukong , tangseng is mine , I will come back soon , hahaha.


        老頭: Have you see my wife and daughter , they come out but not back until now , I worried about them .

        唐僧:I have never seen them

        悟空: monster!(打)


        沙僧:Brother monkey , never do it again , if you did , boss will be very angry, the result will be serious .(師傅很生氣,后果很嚴重)

        八戒:please don’t(拉著悟空)


        唐僧: (想阻止,未及)You,you.....(險些暈,沙僧, 八戒 扶住)You have killed three lives!

        悟空: No ,they are not human beings ! They are created by monster!

        唐僧: Monster ? You are a real monster! Never let me see you , go away!

        悟空: (悲,離去)(音樂《人鬼情未了》)

        八戒: Boss, brother Monkey has left …

        唐僧: Shut up , don't mention that guy any more! (自己擦眼淚)

        白骨精: (出現) Ha,ha,ha!(三尸體在白骨精招手后“飄”走)

        唐僧: (驚)who are You......

        白骨精: How foolish you are ,Mr Tang! (抓住唐僧) I'll enjoy your meat and drink your blood ,ha , ha...... (八戒、沙僧去阻斗,被擊退)

        悟空: (悄悄走到白骨精后,打暈白骨精,倒在唐僧懷里)

        唐僧: Wukong?

        八戒: Oh , Brother Monkey!

        沙僧: Our hero is back!

        唐僧: I,I can't understand......What happened?

        悟空: Boss your IQ really needs increasing! They are all monsters.

        唐僧: How , how did you find out?

        悟空: (沉默).......Monkey's intuition(直覺)

        唐僧: Wukong(悟空不理T)I misunderstood you.(悟空仍不理)I'm sorry(小聲) 悟空: What?

        唐僧: I'm sorry.

        悟空: Em? Louder,please?

        唐僧: I......am......sorry.....

        (悟空滿意):Come on guys. Pick up our stuff. Let’s go! (音樂:敢問路在何方) 定格畫面,主持人上場。

        主持人:Life is never easy, so is their journey. There are more risks and adventures waiting for them. Let’s wish them all the best. That’s all for today. See you tomorrow.

        篇三:三打白骨精根據網上改編英文劇本帶翻譯 5人

        Beating A Monster for Three Times

        人物:T唐僧S:孫悟空 E:豬八戒


        B:白骨精 B1:B變成的村姑 B2:B變成的太婆B3:B變化成的老頭

        唐僧: Emitofo, do you know where we are now?


        孫悟空: Bajie, map!


        豬八戒: (摸出,遞給S)

        孫悟空: Look, boss (湊近T)???(T、S一齊轉向E)


        唐僧: Bajie! How Many times I have told you, don’t bring these pictures!


        豬八戒: Oh, boss! Forgive me(伸手拿回)


        唐僧: (縮手)I’ll keep it for you until we reach the west.


        豬八戒: But……


        唐僧: Emitofo, nothing is lust,lust is nothing! Map?


        豬八戒: (遞)Here.Em?? we have arrived in White Tiger Mountain! Ah I can’t walk on any more!(坐)My stomach doesn’t allow so.


        孫悟空: Fat Pig!


        豬八戒: Monkey, if you dare to say these two words once again, I will, I will……….


        孫悟空: You will what(兇相)?


        豬八戒: (軟)I will help you catch fleas(跳蚤).


        孫悟空: Hm!


        唐僧:(輕咳)Wukong, actually, I am a bit hungry .Could you go to get me some food?悟空啊,事實上為師也有點餓了,你去給為師找點吃的來吧。

        豬八戒: You see , boss is hungry,too!


        唐僧: Baijie! Don’t forget who ate my last meal!


        沙僧: But boss,if a monster comes while brother monkey is away…..


        唐僧: Em…….It is a problem. Wukong,do you have any idea?


        孫悟空: No problem!(安裝)(B已躲在一旁偷看)


        沙僧: This is…..?


        孫悟空: Electric net!I have learnt the energy of electricity from boss’s books. So I made this. No monster can approach you if you stay in it!

        電網!我從師父的書上學了電學。我做的這個只要你們呆在里面沒人敢碰你們! 唐僧: Em……Wukong, you are becoming more and more cleaver! Emitofo, knowledge is power!


        孫悟空: Bye!(走)


        唐僧: Let’s play cards!(三人開始打牌)音樂《斗地主》


        白骨精: Hm!Hm!Electric net?You are too childish.(變成B1)


        白骨精: (接近三人,望著)Can I join you?


        沙僧: I’m sorry,lady. We are playing Fighting Against landowner and three people are enough.不好意思哦美女。我們在玩斗地主~三個人就夠了。

        白骨精: (在一旁觀看)Oh,Chance! Bomb!


        唐僧: Bomb?(打出)


        白骨精: Double King!


        唐僧: Oh?.I win! Em??,Lady,you are a boss-hand. Come in and teach me!(準備開電網門)哦~我贏啦!恩、、、美女你太會玩兒了。來來來過來教教我~

        孫悟空: (回來,看見B1)Oh,monster!(上前就打)


        白骨精: (倒)Ah??


        唐僧: (氣憤)Wukong! Look what have done! She is my teacher!


        孫悟空: She is a monster!


        唐僧: Nonsense!(深呼吸)


        孫悟空: Oh,please don’t……


        唐僧:It’s too late!(唱)緊箍咒you run you jump, roll on the ground


        孫悟空: Please,Please,oh,no??(痛苦抱頭)


        唐僧: (嗆住,咳)Wukong,I’m disappointed with you!


        白骨精: (真身出現)Hm!Sun Wukong, I’ll teach you a lesson!(變成太婆)


        白骨精:Hello,have you seen my daughter?


        唐僧: Daughter?...(連忙擋住地尸體)No,sorry!(陪笑,B2想看后面是什么,T擋)


        孫悟空: (咬牙切齒)You monster, I’ll beat you into hell!(S追打B2,B2躲至T身后,S打,不想打到T頭,T暈,S再打死B2)


        沙僧&八戒: Are you Ok, boss?(扶T)


        沙僧: Look,(伸食指)how many?(伸出一根手指)




        白骨精:Sun Wukong, game is over!(變成B3)


        白骨精: (看到B1,B2尸體)Oh?.,my daughter, my wife! Who did it?!!(哭喊)


        孫悟空: I’ll kill you, monster!(打)


        唐僧: (想阻止,未及)You, you.....(險些暈,E,J扶住 )You have killed three lives!你!你!你殺了三個人!

        孫悟空: No, they are not human beings! They are created by monster!


        唐僧: Monster?You are a real monster! Never let me see you, go!!


        孫悟空: (悲,離去)(音樂,營造 “假”悲傷氣氛)《人鬼情未了》

        沙僧: boss, brother Monkey is.......


        唐僧: Don't mention that guy any more!


        白骨精: (出現) Ha, ha, ha!(三尸體B1,B2,B3在B招手后“飄”走)


        唐僧: (驚)You are......


        白骨精: How foolish you are , Mr. Tang!(E,J去阻斗,被擊退)


        白骨精: (抓住T)I'll enjoy your meat and blood, ha, ha......


        孫悟空: (悄悄走到B后,打B,B暈)A thousand years later.


        唐僧: Wukong?


        八戒: Oh, Brother Monkey!


        沙僧: Our hero is back!


        唐僧: I,I can't understand......What happened?


        孫悟空: Boss, your IQ needs increasing! This monster changed its appearance into three shapes in order to cheat you!


        唐僧: How,how did you find out?


        孫悟空: (沉默).......Monkey's intuition(直覺)


        唐僧: Wukong(S不理T)I admit my mistake this time(S仍不理)I'm sorry(小聲)


        孫悟空: What?


        唐僧: I'm sorry.


        孫悟空: Em? Louder, please?


        唐僧: I......am......sorry.....(S 捂耳)



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